504 Gateway Time-out - I can't open my Prezi!!!


Prezi isn’t working right now, I keep getting this message: “504 Gateway Time-out” and I am supposed to give a presentation in 20 minutes using my Prezi. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve tried 3 different browsers.


Prezi is on again!
Sorry for this!

If you have serious presentation in the near future, please download your Prezis, just for sure - first:


Mine is still not working and I’m in the same boat laura is!


Hi Daysha,

We apologize for all the inconvenience.

Please get back to us, we will keep you updated.

Kind regards,



The screen for my prezis will load but that is it


Hi Zsofi Goreczky,

I have same problem. Please HELP!!! I Have a presantation today.


Hi Dmitrij,

I am really sorry that you are having problems with prezi.

I will keep you updated about the issue.

If it is working, please download it so you could present it.

Kind regards,



I keep getting the 504 Gateway Time Out - just wondered if this is likely to be fixed in the next couple of hours? Presenting in the morning!


Hi Lisa,

The problem is not on our end, so we cannot tell you how long it will last.
Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,



Prezi is down and I need to finish my presentation for tomorrow . Please fix it soon! I have 4 hours left today.


Hi Zsofi,

Thanks for your reply - is it something specific to prezi rather than to my PC or internet browser etc? (even though you’ve said the problem isn’t your end…).



Hi Asia,

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately, this issue is not on our end, so I cannot tell you when it gets fixed.

We will keep you updated though.

Kind regards,



How come it’s not on you end if so many people have this problem? And the site communicates that Prezi does have a problem and is working on solving it. It’s either 504 error, 502 error or sorry we’re to busy.


Hi Lisa,

Yes, it affects prezi.com. It has nothing to do with your PC or internet connection.

Kind regards,



How many time is going to take this? I really need this for tomorrow morning :S


I am having the same problem with Error 504- Time-Out. I need my prezi becasue I 2 presentations to do and one it not finished. Is this problem going to be fixed soon or do have have to use powerpoint instead. Please let me know ASAP! Thanks


Yes, I have the same question…


But too slowly


Hi Asia,

prezi.com is exposed to network problems that affect it.

Are trying to do everything to solve this problem even if it is on our end.

We will keep you updated.

You can also check the social media platforms for updates.

Kind regards,



Okay, thanks for doing what you can to solve it :slight_smile: