A checkbox to turn a given text element white!


I would like to request a really simple feature that would be very helpful to me…

I need a checkbox/toggle in the font editing popup, to allow me to override the colour of the text element to white. This would mean that no matter what colour I choose in template settings for the title, body, etc, I can override it on a per-element basis to white. This is so that I can put white text over a dark image or over other text.

Imagine having a work in black, say and then zooming into the next element, more text, that is in white and fully contained within a letter of the first element. If that makes sense.

This would mean that we now have six font styles to choose from - the original three, but now each of those in white too.

The need for “inverse” (white) text for me is a BIGGIE!



Ok, great. tHanks for the idea and detailed explanation.


If you can sacrifice one of the three fonts for that purpose, you can already do it: create two identical fonts with http://prezi.com/learn/color-wizard/ and/or http://prezi.com/learn/css-editor/, just with opposite colors.


Cathryne, that’s indeed what I did for my presentation. It looked great, for what it’s worth, but it’s very “costly” to sacrifice that one-of-three fonts.

Since the checkbox is simple flash programming and simple CSS too, I can’t see why it would be much to ask for, yet it would allow for so much more to be done :slight_smile:



I know only very little about programming. Do you think such level of customization would be easier to implement than adding a few more fonts to the current editor?


I would assume it’s very easy Cathryne.