Add back the extra menu to the zebra


With the redesign of the new zebra, a part of what used to be behind the ‘+’ is now shifted to the ‘right click’ menu.
This is not obvious to all (as postings on this forum shows), and I imagine it brings on an extra hurdle for using the website on e.g. an Android tablet. (Needing to support right-click is more difficult then clicking on a button within the zebra).

Off course, the previously used button (’+’) cannot be used, as it would be confusing. But what about a button with the ‘>>’ sign? Made a mockup here, just to get an idea how it would look like.



I even chose not to install the Desktop update because of this.


Maybe you should have it say “More”.


We are trying to simplify the zebra, meaning less buttons. It is like using shift, it is for advanced users who need to do more, and right now right click is what we choose to use.

Thanks for the feedback, though, I’ll bring this up this week.