All of my embedded YouTube videos are no longer functioning in Prezi Classic (as of the last few days). Anyone else having the same problem?


@Erin_McFalls, @amitchell, please try the suggestion below:

As you can see from this video, the videos can be viewed if accessed not from the editor.


NONE of this advice is working to successfully embed YouTube videos in Classic Presentation mode. HELP, PLEASE! This used to be so easy, and now I’ve literally spent hours trying to get a YouTube video to work in a presentation and it will not work.


@Melissa_Newport. Could you please specify whether the issue is with editing (and inserting a video) or with presenting (and playing one). Also, could you please send us a link to the presentation and the YouTube video?


Sorry for the confusion. I can “insert” a YouTube video, but it won’t play in presentation mode. Nor does it show the picture on the video like it used to.


Would Ad Block be a factor in blocking YouTube?