Automatic Change in Format


I noticed that the formatting changed for on a couple of Prezi’s that I’ve created. How could this happened?


Hi there,

Can you please be more specific? We just released a fix for a bug that used to cause images to disappear at different rates when you zoomed in too far.

A link to the prezi with an explanation would be very helpful.



Here’s the link with the ability to edit it:…

The background is no longer blue when I zoom in …


Hi there,

Your link is formatted strangely, so I can not view the text. We just released a “fix” - unfortunately I do not know what the problem is from your post.

However, it seems your large image is a bitmap image, rather than a vector image. If you convert the image to a vector image, then the image will not blur when you zoom in and will retain the background’s original color.



MY Prezi is ruined!!!

Revealing new previously hidden content makes for a more organized prezi. In my opinion of-course.


ignore the Drama but please CONTROL - Z

oh and Why was this considered a bug … ???


Hey, I totally agree with the opinion from Andres Pineda above.

why was it considered as a bug???

we want it to disppear when zoom in far so that we can have more pic and contents shown behind it! it is more organized and impactful.

It takes me 2 weeks to finish the one… , and now it doesn’t work any more and I am told it is a bug!!!

Please, we NEED that “BUG”!! For God’s sake!


Hi David,

Try this link again.…

My image is a .png and it’s 82kb.
Here’s the image:



Prior to your update, when zooming in, the background picture went away and my designated background color appeared with the text on top so you can read it easily. Based on this functionality, I created all of my Prezi’s which is really awesome.

As a result of your update:

  1. When zooming in on a hidden frame, the designated background color does not appear and the presentation looks horrible.

  2. My picture becomes blurred when zoomed in, where in the past, the picture was perfect.

  3. I’m having to recreate all of my Prezi’s. Unfortunately, the presentations are for work and having to recreate them is taking time away from focusing on another high priority projects.

I’m a trainer and give numerous presentations during the week. When I was introduced to Prezi, I started telling everyone about it because they loved it! Unfortunately, I feel your recent update is not a positive one. I also wonder how many other users where effected by the update as well …

Would you reconsider removing the update and adding a functionality that allows a user to select whether or not they want the background to disappear or use the designated background color? Please?

By the way, I have fix and/or recreate two Prezi’s by Monday and I will not have time over the weekend to work on it. This places me in a serious predicament.


Hi guys,

I am terribly sorry for the inconveniences and lack of foresight with which we released this feature.

Please know that we are learning from our mistake and are continuing this discussion in the thread with which I am now merging this one.



Will you undo the update and return to the prior version?


Hi Stacy,

While you may have to fix you prezi’s from now on, you can download your prezi with it working as if the update never existed!