Autosave less intrusive and/or only every 1/2/5/10 minutes


The autosave really interrupts working with Prezi. Can the autosave function work more in the background or can you make an option of autosaving only once every 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes? Now it autosaves after almost each action. And for me Prezi stops working then for about 5 seconds. While editing a prezi I continuously have to wait a couple of seconds untill Prezi responds again… really starting to bug me! ;-)… Otherwise just love everyting about prezi :smiley:


Good Idea!

I agree, it would be nice to use this kind of option.



HI yelmer,

yes this is a very much requested feature, I can only say that it is on the list of feature requests for our users (and I will add your vote) so hopefully we may have something in the not too distant future. Glad you’re liking Prezi :slight_smile: