Cannot edit or create new Prezi


Last night I was using Prezi absolutely fine. Today I log on and I cannot edit or create new Prezi’s. The issue was not just unique to me. I was showing some friends this morning how to use Prezi but they experienced exactly the same problem! They could not create a new prezi or edit an existing one.

Is this a widespread issue? Is the site down? We are all using educational licences.




we are aware of this issue and working on the fix. It was a mistake from our side. Should be fixed in a few minutes. Please try to refresh the page and let me know if it works again.


Zoli…the issue is still present. I am using IE and Firefox on PC…now on another PC…with all security enabled and latest flash player updated…but it still does not work…same issue still present.

Thank you for promptly looking at a resolution.


Still unable to edit - can you give any indication of when this will be fixed?