can't find my prezis


i am logged in and when i go to the link my prezis…there is nothing there
it tells me i have 6 prezis but i cannot find them
any idea what i am doing wrong


I have the exact same problem - I can’t see that I’m doing anything differently. The problem must be at the Prezi side??


Hi guys, I have logged in to your accounts and it works for me fine. So the issue should be local, a result of the mistake we have made a few hours ago. Sorry for the inconvenience. To help effectively, could you pls send over your web browser name and version number? Like Firefox 16.0.2 or IE 8, etc. thanks!


Hi Zoli

the web browser we use is internet explorer 8

hope you can help fix this
susan mcguigan


this is the only browser we are authorized to use so hopefully you will be able to fix this problem…