Customized fonts and colors


Is the ability to add your own fonts and colors something that is being worked on or will we always need to conform to the styles chosen by Prezi or pay for individual styles?


Hi Douglas!

I’m aware that color editing and fonts are requested by several users and we consider our user requests when we plan our future product development. But I can’t unfortunately promise anything.

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I’ve worked around this problem by entering all of my text elements into a Photoshop-like graphics editor where I can control the fonts and color. Using fonts sized to be huge (e.g., 400 pts) and saving the individual text elements as separate jpg files, then loading them into Prezi, I can achieve what I’m after. The fonts look great, even under extreme zoom and I can still use Prezi to position, rotate, size, etc.
Hope it can work for you.


I agree totally that the choice is too limited at all! Only three font styles and one color for the highlighter, the lines, the frames - it’s a pity!

Michael, your idea is quite good but too laborious for me. Thanks anyway!


I agree. I often get tired of Prezi because as I create new presentations changing the color scheme helps keep things fresh. With limited selection I find it frustrating. Even if it meant I had to upload my own css or xml file to set the color scheme, I would be happy.


Long time. But we just released. Color wizard.
check out in the editor


I am working with the Color Wizard. However, I cannot seem to locate how to save the profile of color and font combination I have created. Each time if I need to change one of the three given style of fonts (Title1, Title2, body), I need to enter ALL the details of color and font information again.

Color/Font Editor is a great feature, but please help me to figure out how to save the profile I have created.

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You can access the CSS editor directly: press ctrl+shift+c.
In that way you get the CSS editor without going through the wizard (which presumabely resets all values).

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the changing of colors in the css is great!

I need some precision about changing font style, though
are we stucked with a predefined list of fonts ?

in that case, what is that list ?

or can we use online swf font files ?


right now there is no official way to use your own font.

you can use the following font names (add swf extension in css editor):




Thanks Peter.

and that is actually on top of some fonts used in predetermined styles


here is a quick reference I made


and that is without mentioning Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian (?) fonts that I am not currently using …


Thank you for the reference. Is there way to control kerning and tracking with CSS on Prezi? I really want more control over typography in my presentation which we can do in Keynote, for example. I do not need fancy looking font. Just some common fonts with typographic control can do lot of great things :slight_smile:


Thank you v2belleville
it’s really helpful


And there is “smallfatmarker.swf” as well.

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no diacritics means no éèç etc … which means it can not be used in most languages except for English …


that’s right, Roel!

see below for visual


And when can we expect to be able to use own fonts? At least in the pro version.


Is there any way or are there any plans to include a service such as ? They offer a bunch of free fonts plus each user can pay for using a larger font library.


Just trying out Prezi and even paid for a Pro membership, pending my 30 day trial completion, but this font manipulation deficiency is a bummer. For an editing program in 2011? I wanted to do something that passes for an afterthought in any modern editing and ended up in this forum. Not good Prezi people!

May not make it through the 30 days after all. Shame.