Editing tools for images


Dear Prezi team,
I want to thank you for creating such a useful presentation tool. I work with it for about a week and i am already “yours forever”.

Here’s my idea. You know, sometime i would like to make two images fade in at the same time and as far as i know this can’t happen with prezi so i have to create the image in another program and import it. Or i might have an image and want to cut in in half to fade in it two steps…

So i would like to ask you to consider importing some editing tools. Like a razor or a magnet for images. Not anything too heavy, just 4-5 tools that will help someone edit an image fast.

Well that’s it… oh…and the off like version doesn’t support Greek…that was a bummer cause i had to write all my notes in other progs and import them as images!

Anyway…thats it! Greetings from Greece!


Hi John Parasxos,

yes this is a good idea - I will add it to the user request list for possible inclusion in a future Prezi editor.

Here’s a few ideas to help you with some of your suggestions:

Hope this helps



Prezi Experts


Thanks, great answer!

I have another question… how did people live without Prezi.? :smiley:


Yes! Happy zooming :slight_smile: