Error creating downloadable prezi


“Error creating downloadable prezi.” I can’t download what I created previously in a Prezi Pro session, then uploaded to save a copy. What’s the problem? How about adding a “save as” feature in Prezi Pro? How else to change a prezi and rename it without losing the original?



Could you tell me the URL of the presentation? I’ll look at our logs and check why your download failed.



Sure, thanks.…

I see from several error messages while loading that certain files are not loading in the prezi (jpg files). Maybe it’s related to that.

I’ve recreated the prezi from an older one that did download successfully. And I see that I can “save as” when working on Prezi Desktop so that I can start with an original prezi, change it, and keep both the original and the new version. So never mind on that. I missed that option when I was in a hurry last time.


Todd Nelson
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Hi Todd,

Yes, it was related to the missing jpeg files. I fixed your prezi, now you should be able to download it.



plzzzzzzzzz hellp meeeee i have the same problem !!!
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