Error creating downloadable prezi!


@PreziSupport "Error creating downloadable prezi! " ¿?



Please provide the URL of the problematic prezi, so we can investigate directly. Do all of your prezis, even new ones with just the standard text in them, display this error when trying to download?

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Katrin, Hi!
Now I put a video on my prezi, and it became crazy :slight_smile:
Could you repair it? (I cant delete the video)
The URL is




I didn’t find any video files in your prezi, but some strange animated thing and a too large SWF (game board), which I removed. Also, your prezi had too large zoom level differences, that might have caused this problem also. I rescaled some very tiny content. Please let me know whether the prezi works fine for you now. It does for me.

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Ok This strange animated thing appeared when I tried to upload a video (I think this video was bad generated)
The content of the presentation is ok now, an works fine, thks!, but I need the game board on the back of presentation , because the presentation run across this board.
I have this game board in another presentation, how can I copy it from one prezi to another?



See for advice about copy+pasting. But I strongly advise you to reduce the resolution in the source files first. Or you risk new or the same problems again, because the image is too large. If you provide the URL of the other prezi, where the game board is in, I can maybe do it for you. But the fastest and easiest way is via the source file.


PLzzzzz i neeed my prezi prensentation tommorow and i can’t download plzzzz helpp me !! this my




Hi Maamoun,

I downloaded your prezi and stored it on…. Please download it from there.

Please also let me know what happened when you tried to download.

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Error creating downloadable prezi !!!

i can’t download my preezzzzzzziiiiiiiiii !!! i neeed it for todayy !!!


Can someone download this prezi for me, there ́s a pop up error…


Error creating downloadable prezi

i can’t download my preezi i neeed it for todayy :frowning:…