Exclamation Mark - but only at 58% capacity


Please review this prezi for the exclamation mark. It should only be 58% of my capacity but is not allowing access. I need to use it this evening. Thanks!


Hi, besides the fact that you have a LOT of images in your prezi, I cannot see any issues with it. However the number of images can make your prezi to perform very slow. You say that you cannot even load this prezi? It loaded for me without any issues.


It was working again by late afternoon, and allowed for edits and use, but the error I keep running into is that my prezi’s will simply go to white screen and an exclamation with a circle around it and it won’t allow for edit or play in that state. When I would go to the Settings page it would tell me that there was still plenty of room, but if there’s an exclamation mark it won’t allow for anything. Fortunately, I was able to complete the edits on that one and use it as needed last night. Thanks.