Frames Contents should follow frame


Annoying thing: the contents of a frame do not move with the frame. I think it should. I think it should be an option that could be turned on. for example, a button in the corner of a frame? it should also be disabled on default, and should be able to be turned off. Soungd good to you?


it would be easier than shift+drag. You know it would, and you know it know it.



I actually do not agree.

Yes, a grouping feature would be a nice addition.
But frames are not the way to go: they are to inflexible. Indeed, to stimulate the option introduced above, it would be sufficient to draw that invisible frame, and then everytime you need to ‘shift and drag’, just shift-and-drag a rectangle around that frame.

The better way is, I think, the ‘path’ way: make a special kind of path, a ‘group path’, that groups objects that are connected. (In this path there would be no meaning in the order of the elements.) This would be very much more flexible then a frame-based one.

Whenever you were to click on the ‘group path’, you would see every group in e.g. its own colour, making it easy to enlarge or decrease groups.
To make it really fancy, you could have the distinction between a normal drag (just click on an object, and drag it away) and a ‘group drag’ (press SHIFT prior to clicking on an object; that then selects the complete group).

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Hi Aust,
I like your idea. Could you tell me why it would be important for you?
Like were there particular situation while editing a prezi, when it was needed and you missed this feature?
So please elaborate on how would this feature help your work?
Thank you for your help!
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There was a frame that was so oblong i could not group drag it, even with zooming out. and since I did not want to size down the prezi, i had to move everything seperately.


Hi Aust,
I understand your frustration. We are going to solve this problem in the future, so hold on :slight_smile:
I cannot promis any dates, it’s against our company policy.
All the best,


thanks. I look forward to seeing prezi develop even more.