Free flash stage wipes for Prezi people...


Hi all, some more flash toys to play with - this time some stage wipes, rectangles and circles. Go here… - enjoy.





May I say you are amazing!
Brilliant items for any prezi!

Perhaps an idea for the prezi team:
a library of reusable prezi effects, perhaps just as the google image insert??
I hereby nominate all John’s items as available from that list!

Kind regards,

(Fellow user, not affiliated with the prezi team).


Thanks Roel, yes you can say that I’m amazing anytime - I’ve got to take all the complements I can these days . . . . :slight_smile:

Happy to help of course and enjoy doing it. I have a major Prezi project going on at the moment and will be putting these to good use as well. cheers mate…



Thanks, John - these ARE amazing!