Help - Why has my Prezi stopped stopped working. I’d really like to talk to someone ASAP because I’m doing a presentation this afternoon and I can’t do anything. Simon Gosling +447717776852



What exactly is not working; prezi.com, your prezi opening, you can’t edit? Please be more specific. If you could send me your url I can take a look at it. Before then please close out all your tabs/browsers and then close all the other applications open on your computer. Then reopen prezi.com. See if this helps.



I’ve encountered just this problem with the following message before I’ve even logged in.


It seems you ran into some errors with Prezi. Good news is, we have now received a notification e-mail about this, and will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.
Please check our support service for more Q&A, or follow PreziSupport on Twitter!

Thank you for your patience,
The Prezi team

I’m meant to be using a Prezi in class in an hour and half!


Yep… Me too… Have been working on a Prezi all morning and have the same message as Colin above… Have a presentation this afternoon at 1pm GMT so it’s a bit urgent…

Many thanks