Please someone help! I’ve been using prezi for two years. I just opened it about a half hour ago, and now I logged back in and none of my prezi’s are showing up!! It says I have 8, but none are there! I’m presenting in three hours!!! HELP!!!


Hi Amanda Pineda,

sorry for the inconvienience - we had a small problem with this issue a short while ago - hopefully this is now fixed - just refresh your page. If this is something else and it is still continuous please let me know by sharing a URL for the Prezi page.




Amanda, if there is no prezi in your library, can you please send over your registered email address?


It still doesn’t work! Refreshing does not help. URL:…
That’s the editing link.


PLEASE could you help me also. I have a PRO account and a very important presentation for this afternoon.
I cannot see none of my Prezis, it says I have 3 but none are there as well. I am very confused… I spent a lot of time creating it and I cannot use it !!!

PLEASE at least answer to my request!


I’m having the exact same problem. Shows I have 5 prezis but nothing loads - no link to edit, no thumbnails of the prezi’s. Is this a glitch?


Thank you. Again, I could open this prezi without any issues. Now we try to analyse it with our developers. Atr you using IE? Can you tell me which version?


could you please send over your prezi registration email address? Can you tell me which browser do you use and what version? Can you try to check it on Firefox?


Same problem with me! I have 5 and none of them are showing.


Debra, Aralya, could you please send over your prezi registration email address? Can you tell me which browser do you use and what version?

It’s an EDU Enjoy subscription, and I’m using Internet Explorer 8
I can’t download another browser because I’m currently on my work computer


Registration email address:
I use Internet Explorer version 8.0
I cannot access to Firefox at office. Many thanks for your help!


I am having a similar issue - I still cannot see my Prezis.

The url to the page:
My registration email:

I am using IE8. I have no other options at work.


Thanks for the information. We are working on the fix.


I am a library media specialist and my students and I are having the same issues here. We are using Internet Explorer.

Here’s the URL to my page
My registration email:

#16 using IE 8


Thanks, everyone. Our developers have identified an issue that affects all our Internet Explorer 8 users. They are woking on the fix that should be released very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the great feedback and details. You helped a lot to identify this issue. I will let you know when the fix is out. Thanks for your patience!


Ditto!! Opened up my prezis page and I’m having the same problem. No change in settings, etc. I’m using IE 8 since that’s what my office requires.


Yayy!! Mine is fixed. Thanks Prezi team!


I can see my Prezis now on the “Your Prezis” page, but I still can’t edit it. Any updates?