i cant't dowload my prezi, someone knows what's problem??


i try to download the prezi but this operation is too slow and then apeears an error thar say that my prezi cant’t download.


Same problem here, I have a to give a presentation in a few hours


It’s a joke. I can’t believe they don’t have 24 hour support. For a paid cloud based solution like this - they need round the clock attention for their customers.

I literally paid the $59 this morning for this. Can’t believe it! Fingers crossed I can get a wifi connection later.


this is a big problem, i had to send a presentatio about two or three hours ago and i cant’s dowload this, this is :frowning:


someone already download the prezi


Seems I’m not the only one.
Very poor support seeing I paid for the Pro version, spent 3 hours recreating my Powerpoint into a Prezi, only to be unable to download it.

Does not instil much confidence in what is primarily a business tool.


I coulddn’t download either, there must be a problem with prezi servers. I’m in Europe and here it is 8am…

maybe big companies have 24/24h support, but prezi is not a big company, even if there are more and more users.

paying licenses have a premium support, here :


a emergency work-around could be to print as pdf…
printing works for me


Same problem here; i need to give a presentation in 3 hours


problem seems to be fixed; thnx


yes! :slight_smile:


not working again. it’s urgent it’s my first internship report in 30min


sorry, it’s too late! you could have print it as pdf at least…


My one still doesn ́t work. Yours are fixed?


it’s a funny coincidence… 5 mins after i complained it started working again :slight_smile: anyway i hope it’s fixed for others too now :slight_smile: