If you bend a line just enough, it will turn into a circle.


Try it!


:slight_smile: Sweet.


I can’t get it to turn completely into a circle, but close.

If I shrink the line so it is “thin” then I can get the ends pretty close. But once I do that I can’t make the line thicker (unless I bring the ends back away from each other). And if the lines are thick then I can’t get the ends very close together.

This behavior puzzles me. Seems like a “bug”, but I don’t care. It’s no big deal, I don’t need a solution… I was just trying out gparyani’s idea.


Using two, one on top of the other seems to work - if you need circles . . .


To clarify, I meant a circle with a small gap.


Yes, but it will not become a round frame.


Here a CSS solution.


Some research of Hexadecimal required.

Hexadecimal - Decimal converter:
Color themes and Inspiration:
RGB Hex Color Chart:


Insert SHAPES released - easily draw a circle