More clarification form Prezi official rep. please


Have had some discussions about copy/paste and Zoli (prezi official rep.) replied to me with a post saying that it will become available for the future…myself then posted a comment to her post but havent heard anything more…please see below and give me some answers pelase…would appreciate this…my post was like below :

Ok, but when approximatelly will this be available…are we talking about some weeks or months…since i realize this has been asked for atleast a year back in time ? I realize u are working hard on different issues, but since paying an annual fee of 150 USD and not being able to use such simple (from my point of view as a user) I think it is not any good value…its a shame because otherwise the tool is intuitive and easy when it comesto structure presentations… but without this feature I do not think its any value continue paying this annual fee…can you tell me the road map plan…when could I expect this functionality…i need to use the tool for presentations on a continuos basis, so pelase let me know //Helmut


Hi Helmut,

yes we are working on the bug fix, and it will be released asap. I am sorry I cannot tell you or others any concrete date. The fix is under development right now.


Hi, Prezi’s new copy/paste feature is out. It fixes previous bugs and more: now can use your computer’s clipboard for copy paste. This means that you can copy any selection from your documents, the web, or any other applications and paste them to your editor with a click. Thanks for your patience!