Motion-free animation with frames


Feature Idea:
Separate the two functions of frames, the first which determines the positioning of elements in a viewable window, the second of which determines which elements are in a frame.

Then when a path node is set to a frame, in addition to centering the frame in the viewable window, any elements not selected for the frame should fade to invisible.

There are many creative things you could do with this functionality. Just one is that you could create nice animations where successive elements appear without any viewport motion at all (like standard animation in msppt). But when combined with some motion, this feature opens up lots of possibilities.


Interesting idea! I have shared this with our interaction designers. What kind of motion do you think about?


Hi Zoli,

Well, just as an example:
A common “mindmap” structure would be a circular arrangement of images with one image in the middle. A moving succession of frames could be set up that cycles through the images on the circumference of the circle, each frame also including the image in the center.
Currently this kind of “structural” animation would be impossible to do because some unwanted images nearby your intended focus would always either be in your rectangular frame, or possibly outside the frame, but sill visible in the window.

Separating frame positioning from object inclusion and hiding unselected objects, would permit a greater ability to structure your overall document like a “mind map” without worrying about whether unwanted images will appear in your path sequence of frames. And being able to structure the overall document like a mind map is one of the central advantages of prezi.


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I like this idea too.