Multitouch and interactive whiteboards


We have a Smart board (interactive whiteboard) and I would love to be able to use multitouch on it to zoom in and out. Would be awesome for workshops…


Dear Björn,

are the smart boards multitouch screens? I thought it has only a single mouse based interface.



Well I put the question to them at the same time I asked you:) I will get back to you when I hear from them.



do you have any news?



Got word back from them a while ago. They say that a few of their products (not the one we have tho) have multitouch support. They also say that the big problem with it tiday is windows lack of support for MT but that it will be included in Win7.



here is a video.

it’s two years old. You can see Prezi on a multitouch surface created by

So Prezi supports multitouch surface if the hardware manufacturer opens its protocol.



That is cool, and exactly what I want to be able to do… In a few years I guess it will be quite common.


we used promethean interactive boards; I tried with prezi and it’s great,

a few adjustment and it would be a great editor for that kind of learning object!