My document has changed since I last presented it!!!!


I created a complicated document closed out of Prezi and just went into it and all of the text has moved from its original position. How can I refer back to an earlier version of the document? THIS IS REALLY URGENT!!!


Two of my Prezis text box alignment changed overnight and the text boxes are no longer aligned how I saved them. I tried fixing my ASA presentation and saving the work today, but the text changed again once I clicked out of it. Below are the links to each of my prezis.……

Text Box Alignment._


The text that I’ve added in multiple Prezis has suddenly shifted over to the right.

My Prezis Look Weird._


This was fixed.


My prezis were not fixed.


Mine have not been fixed either. I am really annoyed.


I meant the issue was resolved so it shouldnt happen any longer.

@Gina : I just reverted your prezis now, please retry.

@scott & @Antony : I need an URL to revert you prezi to the working copy.


Thank you! Mine look fine now.


Hi Alex,
I have the same problem and opened a thread (haven’t seen this one before).
Could you please restore mine too?…
I opened it several times and now its completely messed up



Could you kindly explain what was the issue, since I fixed my prezi manually?

I hope it will not occur again.



I just started to repair mine. I need it to revert to how it was at 10am today. Thanks


Thanks! They look awesome now!




Glad to help :slight_smile:


There was a bug that started to mess up the order of the text in the prezis. This only lasted for about 20 minutes.




Hey Alex,

I posted my problem in another thread as well. I really need urgent help on my prezi. Some of the text in my prezi has shifted (from bullets, into 1 line)
I can’t click the lines, they don’t react on mouse-over etc. I tried the send to back option to move the other objects back and I tried to select with the shift button. Nothing works.

Can you please fix this problem? I hope so, because I have to present this tomorrow.

It would be so helpful. Thanks in advance! Eveline….


Hope the link works…