My first Prezi-a great success


I presented my first Prezi ,“When to perform USG in…” offline in our in-hospitals’ doctors meeting yesterday.It received great applause and positive feedback. Everybody wanted to know and learn how the presentation was made.You can soon expect more sign-ups from West Bengal ,India. Thank you for this excellent presentation tool, which helps to present a good overview of the main areas of the talk,and show the relationship between them.But you should try to approach different international orgatisations( in my case ,ophthalmological organisations like AAO,ESCRS,APAO,AIOS etc) to make this tool an acceptable way of presentation,just like MS Powerpoint.


Hello Sumitro!

We’re so happy to hear that! :slight_smile:
Good luck with your further presentations!

Happy Zooming!
Tomi Mester