My Prezi keeps telling me that it couldn't save!


I want to close the browser but it keeps saying it couldn’t save and I don’t want to lose everything I’ve done! It keeps saying that it couldn’t save every time it tries to auto save. So I tried pressing Save and it still says the same thing. What do I do?


This is what it keeps telling me.
“Most frequent error of flash apps: security error. But we don’t know what it means this time.
Technical details:
id: 300 the reason is: ErrorEvent securityError Error #2048

And whenever I try to open Prezi in a new window, (while keeping my current window open so I’m sure NOT to lose any progress, it re-routes to and states
“We are sorry, is currently too busy to process your request.
We are working to bring the site back soon.”


The site is down??? It closed the window when I tried to save it! It better be saved because that project is due tomorrow morning and I am not going back to re-do and find all that information again!


Prezi is now opening, but not loading my presentation, I need to know if its all there!


same is happening to me! almost finished it, tried to save but it wouldn’t, and now it says it cant open my file!


I am getting the very same error message 6 months later. I wonder if this is an ongoing server issue.
id: 300 the reason is: ErrorEvent securityError Error #2048


It must be a load bearing issue for the server. Patience is a virtue but is in short supply as a presentation deadline approaches


Unfortunately the site has been going back and forth between working and not working in the past 20 minutes. If you can get into Prezi or when the site is fully up and running properly, please go in and make a Portable Prezi in case we have more issues today and you are worried about presenting. You can’t edit a Portable Prezi, but at least you will have something to present with, if a problem arises.


Thanks for the information Alyssa, do you know if it will become stable or still be scattered through the rest of the day?


also as of 11:12 it is working again


It does not save at this time, so it’s still off and on
And now it’s off
Hope you guys fix this fast


had the same problem and it JUST saved after literally a hundred attempts in the last hour.


Well, you’re very lucky…


I spoke too soon!!
It’s doing it again! far out this is SO frustrating. I feel like I can’t leave the computer and have to keep clicking save out of fear of losing everything!