Nailed an interview with Prezi this morning!


I downloaded Prezi Desktop at midnight last night, knowing that the cafe where I was meeting a business owner for breakfast (for an interview) did not have wifi. Within 2 hrs I had a pretty interesting presentation that clearly set me apart from the other candidates and allowed me to communicate what I thought they could do with their future efforts without getting bogged down with how to use the product. It provided great talking points and allowed me to get that across in a non-boring, new way.

I really enjoyed the absence of anxiety around the presentation tool that I’ve felt with other tools (things like, “ppt accidentally jumping to the last slide, like it did that one time when I hit the wrong arrow key” and “spending so much time lining stuff up and changing font sizes and ‘woops where did it go?’”, and “will they start jumping ahead to items I have on upcoming slides?”, rendering them useless when I get there) none of that was an issue with this tool. And I really nailed the interview.


Congratulations, and thanks for the praise! Aaah, what a good way to finish the work week!