New Sound: How to specify timing for autoplay?


WOW. Prezi got it’s voice. See…

My question is:

When you use autoplay for a prezi with sound added to each point on the path, how do you tell prezi how long each stop on the path should be? I guess the length of the audio file would be logical, but there is no mention of this on the website.

Does anyone know?

All the best


Hi Morten Strunge Meyer,

yes you are correct, the timing is determined by the length of the sound file - frames without sound default to 4 secs. You can actually (I discovered this morning) add a silent sound file and in this way make the path point stay at a frame location for what ever time you wish (got to watch the file sizes though).

You will notice that the normal autoplay feature is absent when you add sound - this is normal for Prezis with sound (for the moment anyway).




Thanks, John.