new user... still learning the craft!


new user to Prezi, first time forum contributor… i’m really excited to be using Prezi and think its a really powerful tool… Im presenting at a conference ina month and would invite any ‘experts’ to take a look at my presentation and comment on improvements (its nearly finished)…


Hi Mick,

if you provide the link and make the prezi public people would gladly do so :wink:


Thanks Cathryne - I’m getting close to finishing …but think it might be too much going on?…
For example , in the last frame I want to have the “I like this” surrounded by the quotes as a single view…not zooming on the individual entries …


Hi Mick,
not bad for a first prezi, congratulations. A few tips to make it even better (and answer to your last point) you can put a path on a frame then the view will adjust to the frame while presenting :wink:
Then in the future you will probably also use more zoom in/out and reduce the amount of rotating camera (too much makes the audience sick;)

Thanks for using Prezi!
Have a great talk!



cheers David! thats very helpful… appreciate the positve feedback and advice… I’m very optimistic that it will go well… thanks team!