No prezi's in Your Prezi's


When i log in into my account in the online editor i can’t open my prezi’s in “your prezi’s”.
Normally i see all the prezi’s which i made. Now there’s a remark: you made 32 prezi’s and there is a field: search for your prezi’s. When i search for a prezi there are no results.


Is there a problem on the Prezi server? I have a presentation to deliver tomorrow morning!


I have the same problem. 21 prezis, but can’t come in.


I have the same problem 22 prezis, but can’t visualize them


I also have the same problem. does anyone know when this is over??


You should have access via Firefox - problem found with Iexplorer


Thank you very much! By Firefox i have access to my prezi’s!


Hi everyone,
we are aware of this issue and working on the fix. It was a mistake from our side.


When I open my account on my own computer “You have 11 prezis” - but I can no see them?
When I open my account on another computer - they are all there.
Totaly strange and extremly AARRRHHHHH!!

?? Where are my Prezis??](


Just logged onto Prezi and it tells me I have 11 Prezis but does not display any of them - where have they gone?

My Prezis have diappeared from view._


I have not accessed my account for a few months. Now i have and found out that all my presentations are gone. My account is empty and I am not happy at all. I wonder what happened?

Empty Account!._


Hope it’s fixed soon, I’m stuck in a business meeting unable to show my prezi.


Guys, we made a mistake and now reverting it. Everything should be back to normal in a few minutes. Please refresh your page.


my prezi presentation for college will not open for editing it comes up with the prezi logo and just stays there and does not load. any help or suggestions ?

prezi loading prblems._


try with Firefox


I cannot open a current prezi to edit or start a new one. When I click edit it does not fully load. It stops at the e.

Cannot Edit!._


All of my prezi’s have disappeared. I log in and at the top it says I have 13 prezis, but there are none to select…?

All of my prezi’s have vanished!._


I can’t find my Prezis. I only find options for editing my profile. It only says that I have 2 Prezis, but how do I get back to them? Earlier, this has not been a problem…

Hope you can help!



When I log in it states that I have 4 prezis, but there is nothing for me to click on to access them, and no images of them unlike the last time I logged in?

Unable to access my prezis’._


I am not able to edit my prezies. The browser just displays the word ‘Prezi’ but doesn’t load.

Not a good sign for my second day with Prezi. It certainly doesn’t inspire me to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Cannot Edit :frowning:._