Organizing 'Your Prezis'


hello Prezi
this is a great service you offer to educators. As a teacher I use Prezi for lessons, presentations, posting notes etc to my website. My students also enjoy using it for their work.

A suggestion for organizing prezis in my prezi account:

it would be very useful to be able to group my prezis by class/ course in the “Your Prezis” section. Instead of having to search through all of my prezis it would be handy to be able to go to my Grade Ten History 'folder" or my grade 12 law ‘file’ to find the appropriate presentation for the days lessons.

Thanks for listening
Jason Cogley



Just for info, there are two other topics that are similiar to this ……

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Don’t blame you for not noticing thate before you posted. These forums need a serious cleanup.…

If you recommend mine I will recommend yours!


I agree. As an educator this is a great tool to get kids to pay attention in class, but it is currently unwieldy to browse through 20+ prezis