Prezi down?


Is Prezi being worked on right now? I can see my prezis, but can’t access any of them. Thanks!


Hello Julie,

Where do you get stuck when you try to load one of your prezis?

Thank you,
Ryan Mahan


I can intermittently log on to Prezi but will not let me access them either. I can get to the “your prezi” page but not onto individual projects.




I’m having the same problem, i get stuck in the log in access. It doen’t access my account. now i’m trying to open the site, but it takes too long, the following message appears:
504 gateway time-out. The server didn’t respond in time



yes thanks for telling us - our people are on it now - hopefully not too long for you.




Hii,does anyone know how long it’ll be before prezi is up and running again?

I need to get on there to get my lessons I’m teaching tomorrow eeek!

I keep getting the 504 gateway time-out message too.


Hello Ruth,

It seems like it has gotten better, you should be able to access your prezis now.

Thank you,
Ryan Mahan


11-5-12 @ 10:42 a.m. Still giving error messages I cant even access the site anymore any word on when things will be up and running?


Sorry for this - the site is down temporary!
We are working on this hard - it will be solved soon!



Prezi is on again!
Sorry for this!

If you have serious presentation in the near future, please download your Prezis, just for sure - first:


Now I can’t even access the site!



We apologize for all the inconvenience.

Please download your prezi if you need to present it soon.

We will keep you updated about this issue.

Kind regards,



Clearing my Internet History, cookies, and cache. Seemed to help but I hit a wall when I try to log in. I know you are all working as fast as possible… just letting you all know.


Hi Adad,

thank you for sharing it with us.

Unfortunately, this network issue is not on our end, so I cannot tell you when it gets solved.

However, we will keep you updated.

Kind regards,



Seems to be back up :slight_smile: Just in time for a big presentation! *phew*

Zsofi who is your data center so we can check status in the future?


Still down, gateway timeout. How do we download our prezi as suggested if we cannot access it?