Prezi Multitouch? Have Your Say!


Howdy Prezi authors,

With the new Apple mouse out for a few weeks, and more people use multitouch trackpads on their laptops as well, we get an increased number of inquiries about multi finger features compatibility with Prezi.

Right now Prezi does not support multitouch magic, but we are open to our user’s suggestions and requests when planning the development roadmap.

So let’s discuss this here on the forum! Please share your thoughts about how would you imagine a multitouch compatible editor, and have your vote if you want that feature now!



well, what would be the use of it? as far I can think now, it would be used for zooming and rotation. I don’t use rotation frequently, and for zooming clicking+pushing spacebar+mouse scrolling seems to be enough for me.

also, when I usually use prezi to prezent, it is on a large projection display or screen, where multitouch wouldn’t apply.

could it be used for something else?

maybe if you could achieve different zoom-depth in the different parts of your canvas by multiclicking… (now the zoom-level is a dynamic value which is valid for the whole screen. could it be different for one part of the screen? it would be something like a torsioned surface in the Prezi-universe)


Just a quick note, if you have a multitouch tablet (or a mouse I guess) when you present, multitouch would apply. So also for presentation-mode this is interesting.


yes, it applies for the navigator. but not for the audience, unfortunately, they don’t see the difference if you scroll with mouse or multitouch tablet…


Thanks for the feedbacks, I really like the multiclick idea! We would also like to see how could you use it, if it’s worth to develop or not. Fact is, multitouch interfaces arrived to the mainstream, and sooner or later people will want to zoom and rotate with their fingers on every surface:)


I think it’s a great idea! I imagine getting a tablet with multi-touch capacity and using it to present more smoothely, as it would allow me to use the whole tablet as an input device without the mouse!


The very related question partially answered by Adam The Founder:………

How to enable the multitouch functionality to prezi?
Are we able to enable it using custom ActionScript3 code?
We need a multitouch enabled prezentations framework for our customers urgently.
Thank you!


Forget the multi touch.

Work on improving Prezi. Make it better.

You need a SAVE AS bubble on Prezi. You have export. You need the ability to import an exported Prezi. You need more font sets. You need the option to specify fonts and font colors. And options for selecting different lines types and endings. Practical stuff. People also want transparent frames.

And in addition to this Forum, you need a support wiki that is kept up to date. The Forum is not enough. You can put support answers on the Forum, but an up to date wiki would save so much time.


I do not insist that the multitouch functionality must be implemented by the prezi staff, if we can do that ourselves.
I represent a development company which has about five ActionScript3 programmers, and we could add the multitouch functionality ourselves, as we have already done it so many times, just provide us with the prezi API or SWC libraries, or something.
But of course, multitouch functionality provided from the origins would be better as a standard part of the package.
Zoli is right, multitouch is a trend.



we have heard your voice. Saveas, export/import, font sets, lines and transparent frames are all important for us as well.

we are not sure of wiki. Can we discuss the question in a new topic? Do you think that the community can manage the wiki? Why don’t you start it?



if you have a multitouch laptop + windows7 + chrome browser, try prezi. It’s amazing.


Peter, I have Windows7 + Chrome Browser + Desktops & Laptops.
But what do you refer as multitouch laptop?


I would say that Michael has just flooded the topic with an off-topic subjects.


like this…


Okay, the technical specifications of the notebook inform us that its display is multitouch enabled, indeed, and that Microsoft Windows 7 is installed there.
Thus, what is the influence on the experience of using prezi on that notebook?


More details on the multitouch technology used with Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks on…
Notice, it supports up to two touches simultaneously, while the hardware we are using on flat panels like plasma TV, LCD & LED screens, supports up to 32 touches and up to 65 inches in diagonal, with signal latency about 7 milliseconds.


Multitouch could be used to replace the Prezi watchamacallit. You could touch with one finger to move, two and expand or contract, and grab two corners to rotate.


A Good example how to implement it would be what multitouch does on Keynote 09. Editing and presenting, for sure!


Gustavo, I suppose the Keynote 09 that you have mentioned is Apple Mac iWork Keynote `09.
But how is it better than Prezi and how is it usable with multitouch at all? Any idea?


Jim, look further, look wider!
Multitouch could be used not to replace, but to extend the Prezi, “what you may call it”.
Multitouch alone is just an alternative method of user intuitive natural input, not a solution for user intuitive presentations kit.