Printing of prezis


it would be great if i was able to print out parts of the prezi layout from within the application.
Now i would use screenshots to get kind of print versions of the prezis, but an in-application button would be great


This is the next feature we are releasing

stay tuned



Yeah, people are so accustomed to having printed outlines of PowerPoints that this request often comes up.


i agree,
mainly because my supervisor likes things to be on paper (not ephemeral) and piecing together screen shots to give him a copy to look at is a pain


Hi all,

I am happy to introduce prezi print. Convert your prezi to pdf and print! One path step a page. You can now find “Print” next to “Save” in the online editor.

Please leave your comments and feedback here:…


can you share your experience? here…


Based on your request and amazing feedback, a long avaited feature - print is now available in the online editor. It works with .pdf conversion. You can export your prezi to .pdf with a click and then print it - one path step a page.
Please print responsibly and give us feedback on how will you use this feature, and how do you think we should improve it.

Happy Zooming!