Reload Files


I would like to have a reload option, that allows to reload a file while keeping the current size in the prezi.

So when I have got an image placed in my prezi, perfectly alligned to other objects. But then I find a little flaw in the picture. I head over to Photoshop and correct it.
And now all I have to do is choose the “Reload File” option in the contect menu of the image.

Additionally this would allow to place one file, duplicate it several times (keeping the correct size) and then replacing these with different images…


Hi there,

Unfortunately, Prezi uses Adobe Air/Flash technology and your images are converted to a format that Flash can understand. Therefore, when you upload a file, you notice the “Downloading” circle. This is where the file is converted to a language that Prezi can understand. I will forward this to our developers, though.



Ah, I see. Well, then we simply have to improve aligining- and size-matching features :wink:
Thanks for the quick reply


I agree. Hope we can help you with this soon!


If you want, you can create an invisible frame and ctrl+c / ctrl+v that to create an identical matching frame. Then put your images in the matching invisible frames and double click on the images to crop them down to the frames’ dimensions.



wow. I havent realized one could do that with prezi (cropping via double click)!
What an excellent feature. You made my day, David!