see you in court...


hey guys, we paid for your software, it is not working and now i get no answer from you.
just to tell you we are about to begin legal actions.


Hi konrado,

I believe you may have the responses to getsatifaction in your spam email. Please check it and look at the responses. I’ve been awaiting your response in your other posts.



you asked me this last monday

  1. Is the name on the account Maz Mexico?

  2. Please use this email to sign in cvelazquez(at)mazmexico(dot)com

  3. “i am into a project right now it is very urget to solve the problem” Are you editing your current project online? Please describe in detail the situation. Where are you editing, when did you last edit, when did it last work. What have you tried.

same day i responded to you this:

hi there,

  1. yes it s maz mexico
    2.since we have different clients, for privacy matters, we open free accounts for each one of them so they can watch the development of their projects. could this be causing the problem??
    3.last i could use the account was like three weeks ago and i always work in the computer not on line. and i tried to solve the problem by re installing latest app but did not work out.

as i told you before its urgent to solve this problem.


no answer at all???