It’d be great to have a few quick and easy shortcuts.
For example if I could bring up the frame menu by pushing “f” it would make drawing multiple frames so easy.
ie “f, drag/draw frame, f, drag/draw frame” etc
instead of “move cursor to menu, click on frame, move cursor to desired frame location, draw frame, move cursor to menu, click frame, move cursor to desired frame location…” you get the point.

You could also do shortcuts for path and insert, and even sub menus (ie different frame types).

(Also I noticed that get satisfaction didn’t do a check this time to see if this was similar to other posts, if you’re getting a lot of the same feedback this could be why.)


Hey Daniel,

Sorry to be bursting your bubbles tonight, but once again this has already been implemented by Prezi.

Space Bar-Show

Is this not working for you? Cause that might be a bug that the employees could help you out with?


Haha, no prob, you’re bursting them in a good way.
Strangely enough I thought I had tried f and p, it’s all working now at least.
I’ll keep a look out for scenarios where it doesn’t work.


Just so you know, a few more shortcuts are

Ctrl+C-Copy [big surprise] this can be used to multiply objects within a prezi or copy objects from one prezi to another
Ctrl+V- Paste [another shocker]
Ctrl+D- Duplicate, it will duplicate the selected objects exactly as they are seen on the screen
Shift+Click/Drag, drawing a selection box-Force select of multiple objects

Enjoy zooming! :slight_smile:



Thanks for that, neat features!