Specify an (x, y, z) origin and position objects in relation to the origin


How can I specify an origin in my Prezi space? If you recommend that I think of it like a glass box with (x, y, z) coordinates, how do I specify (0, 0, 0)? Then, how can I position objects in relation to that origin?


Good idea!


Before you start making a prezi, click the HOme button above the zoom in and out. This will take you to the right starting point.


Hi Angelie,

Thanks for the tip. I’ll make sure I start my Prezis that way. However, it doesn’t allow me to track the coordinates and position objects in relation to those coordinates. I’ve been frustrated because images of the same size I import come in at different sizes depending on the zoom level and I can’t control their size with a transform palette like in Adobe Illustrator, with coordinates and scaling tools.


Yes :frowning: In an older version of the editor, holding SHIFT while resizing resized objects in distinct intervals, instead of incrementally. see http://community.prezi.com/prezi/topi…