Support dashboard


Create a support dashboard on the ‘settings & license’ (?) page so that I can log on and easily follow my support question/email.
(So I don’t have to find the email, click the link etc.)

(Maybe I’m missing it but I can’t seem to find the support zendesk site THROUGH the Prezi site - only through clicking the hyperlink in the email…)


Hi there,

Visit to quickly access zendesk.



Or, click on “Premium support” from this page:


Hi David,

This doesn’t solve my question/suggestion.
When I click on ‘premium support’ on the Prezi support page (as I have the Pro license) it pops up a window to submit a NEW request.
Once I submit a new request I then get an email which includes a link (to something called zendesk) which takes me to a support page where I can either submit a request OR view existing request.
And this is what I want - the ability to get to review existing request. (Not just submit a new one.)
BUT the only way I have figured out how to get to this page (which allows me to view existing request) is to go through the link which was emailed to me.
Is there a way to get to this page from the Prezi website directly?
(I don’t always have my email open when on the Prezi website and this would save me from having to open a second webtab, log into my email, opening the email and clicking through to the site.)
It would just be more direct.
Is there a way to get to this prezi support page I’m talking about?
(The main support page on the Prezi website just links me to different forums, submit request, or FAQ’s etc. Not the page where I can view existing request.)

Does this make sense?



Why does not work? Did you click on “Check existing requests”



Yes, the direct link works.
But my suggestion is to be able to FIND this link on the Prezi website. (I still haven’t found it on the Prezi website - which means, even if it does currently exist on the Prezi website it is too hard to find.)

I originally suggested the ‘support and license’ page as that is where you find your support dashboard on this ‘get satisfaction’ website.
But it could be easily attached to the Prezi support page.
(For example - on the support page. Instead of having a request box automatically open when choosing Premium Support - have the Premium Support link GO TO the log-in for the zen desk where you can then EITHER submit a request OR check the status of a request. The first option - only gives you one option i.e. submitting a request. Whereas the second option gives you two choices: submit a request and/or review request.)


Hi there,

Thanks for the post. I just clicked on Premium Support and see what you mean. I appreciate the in-depth post and will talk with our developers about this.