wanna share my prezi please


Not able to share my prezi - click on share and edit together and get no response!


same problem, tried Chrome and FF: for both the “share” button does nothing


Should I try another browser? Am using Chrome and FF as my main browsers … I shared this before but can’t seem to do so again! Is that a bug?? What if I save a copy and then trying to share! … NO! Just tried that - that doesn’t work either!!


same for me this morning… i’ve tried chrome and internet explorer, and the share button isn’t working


It must be a very recent problem then - is the “make a copy” or “like” button working for you?


‘Make a copy’ and ‘edit works’ - but not ‘share’ - ‘edit together’ and ‘view together’… very odd!! Sounds like I’m not alone though …


Well I can’t make a copy or reuse, or share or edit together, nothing seems to be working. I tried using it on all available browsers but it just won’t work.


okay - what do we do next - how do we get this resolved!? Not very good - need it for a client presentation!! Do prezi monitor this? I’d be very annoyed if I couldn’t do anything …


I’ve addressed these issues in a different topic, no response yet which is frustrating as I need this to be solved as soon as possible



Have a client waiting now!


Hi Guys, we are aware of this issue. The developer team has already started to work on it. Thanks for the note and sorry for the inconvenience.


Pls make this a priority. Can’t believe this is happening now…pls hurry!!


It is. I will get back to you as soon as I have an update.


Brilliant - thank you very much Zoli!! :slight_smile: Hope it is fixed soon … look forward to your update!


solved! share link is working now!! THANK YOU FOR THE SPEEDY RECOVERY!!!