Why just presentations? Why not apply it for 'documentation', blogs and even building web sites?


I’m new to your fabulous product, but, I wonder if you ‘d have ‘improvement’ plans for the following suggestion…

Why just presentations? Why not widen your product to produce ‘documentation’, blogs or even sites?
Instead of producing only one run-time flow (sequence), why don’t you provide the same output, but it’s navigable thing – meaning that the reader can navigate (browse) through different items (pages), zooming in and out to read the given information without specific order (sequence)…

The good news here is that you already have the capabilities and features (they are already exist for the presentation building - just use them for the reading or output files!)

I guess this is gonna be booming thing in the wording/documentation area – I hope you might consider it in your future enhancement plans…

What do you think?


Hi Essam,

that is already possible. If the prezi author doesn’t explicitly restricts the viewers to the pre-defined path, they can pan and zoom as they wish. It takes some designer skills thought to arrange content in a meaningful way without a pre-defined path :wink:

Kind regards,