Youtube HD quality


thanks for the great tools on prezi. What i cant figure out is, how i ca nshow youtube Videos in HD Quality. Do you have any ideas how this could work?



Hi, we are aware of this issue and will get back to you as we know more about a solution!


at the moment its taking only 240p, which is unusable…


adding amp;hd=1 to the url won’t work

I am looking forward for a solution


Hi, we are aware of this and get back to you when we have a solution.


I have to assume the people at Prezi realize this is a deal killer for anyone looking to make a switch to a new product


Hi you can upload many different video formats to prezi in the meantime until we come out with the YouTube fix. Please learn more about the possibilities here:


Any update on solving this problem?


We’ll get back here when we have news. In the meantime when you need to use high quality videos in prezi please use another format. Here you can find all the video file formats that Prezi accepts:


That’s a pretty bad solution as Prezi doesn’t work well with resizing large video’s. Crashed my Prezi in no-time. YouTube embeds work way better.

Well, low res or nothing it is.


Any word? Got a big presi planned with lots of video links but they are unwatchable on my screen in low res.


Ugh need hi res youtube now…